How I Style My Hair // LUSH Roots Review

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Everyone has different hair preferences. Even I have at least 3 different favourite hairstyles, however, I can never live without the careless “straight outta bed” hair. My hair is usually very straight and never holds curls made with a curling iron- and I don’t want to damage my hair everyday with that much heat. Even though somedays I straighten it and enjoy the dead-straight style, sometimes a gals gotta have her volume.

I have used almost every product for voluminous hair, yet none of them actually made me fall in love and buy again. However, I am quite fond of the products I’m using at the moment, so here they are, at your service (with no-make up pictures because sometimes being natural feels better than any image heavy make up can deliver):

  • LUSH Roots Hair Treatment

I’m a sucker for Lush. I can stay there just for the amazing scent mixture of all those great lotions and soaps, but it’s not for the faint-nosed (like my dad) since the smell can get overwhelming after a while. I just love that everything is made out of natural ingredients and the staff are always so very helpful + they fight animal testing!!!

While searching for a hairspray that would help me style my hair in a voluminous way, I stumbled upon this amazing hair treatment. It smells so good and has all-natural ingredients such as olive oil, peppermint oil and orange oil.

Who should use it?

-If you have thin hair/roots and want your hair to grow faster

-If your hair needs volume and you feel like your roots can use some lifting

-If you want a softer scalp and softer roots for healthier hair

How do you use it?

-Put some amount on your scalp 20 minutes prior to showering (you don’t need to cover all your hair, covering the scalp would be just fine)

-Leave on for 20 minutes (you can use a shower cap)

-Shampoo/ Condition like you normally would

-Feel the softness and run to Lush to buy another tube

Did I like it?

Hell. Yes. I will definitely be buying this over and over again. I would suggest that you use this once a week to maintain the softness of the scalp without tiring the hair, even the boys can use it: I promise it doesn’t have a girly smell ^^

  • John Frieda Volume Building Mousse:

Who should use it?

-If you have thin, shapeless hair

-If your hair needs volume and can’t hold styles for long

-If you want bedhead all day long to accompany your sass

How do you use it?

-Put some amount of mousse on palm (not too much), distribute evenly on the surface of your hand

-Hold head upside down and spread it evenly on scalp and work your way down

-Blow dry really good. This is the key point since the heat activates the mousse and the more you blow dry it, the more voluminous it will get

-Style as you like

-Enjoy the “straight outta bed” look

Did I like it?

I loved it. I’ve spent so much money and time on stiffening salt sprays that this mousse actually felt as if I was putting clouds and angel laughs on my head. If you’re sick of fine and limp hair, give it a go! You won’t be disappointed.

 Here are a few awkward pictures of the grand finale:  

Be natural & be yourself,


MT xx



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