Up Your Brow Game with Benefit

Warning: This post is optional if you have gorgeous Cara Delevigne brows.

I suffered because of my brows for such a long time. I have very thin eyebrows and if I have my contact lenses on and if I don’t fill them in, my face feels naked. I’ve tried so many products to get them right and I can quite easily call myself a brow expert.

However, I have never even attempted to pluck/wax my own brows. We all know that I would probably wax them all by accident. God knows how long it would take for them to grow back.

I am a sucker for Benefit Cosmetics. It’s one of my favourites because the products last so long and always have the funky vibe (except for the They’re Real eyeliner, I just can’t learn how to use it.) The shops are always so sweet and the staff are always so warm and welcoming. I’m so lucky to have one 10 minutes away from my dorm. I am sitting in one of their cool bar stools just now.

That’s why I trust Benefit with my brows. More than I trust myself. Now let’s talk about your brows. Do you have thin brows? Are they spread over but not in the same place? Do you want to up your brow game? Do you want to have Kylie brow-pose selfies? That, my dear, is possible.

  • Pluck/Wax Em’ and get them in shape

There is no point keeping all your brows if they don’t have a solid shape. You need to get them in shape in order to be able to work on them later on.

  • Tint Em’

If they’re naturally light, adding some brown in there will change the whole structure of your face. And you’ll feel like Cara for like 5 minutes. (Keep laughing.)


  • Fill Em’ In

Once you’re done and have awesome shaped brows, it’s time to fill them in. You don’t have to fill them in all the time, but whenever you feel like having statement brows, go ahead. My favourite product is Benefit Browzing. It’s so easy to use and if you overdo it you can just brush it out.

My other go-to product is Mac Strawberry Blonde eyebrow pencil. This is also one of my favourites, but you have to be more careful with this because it might be quite hard to soften it.


  • Enjoy.

The grand finale.




  1. Sebnem
    September 29, 2015 / 5:25 pm

    Minot that looks fab. Love it…

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