Get Fit Again!

Hello there!

With the challenges of attending every single lecture (mostly at 9 am) and maintaining a social life, I am facing a problem that most of us face during these times: I am not as fit as I used to be.

I believe that it has something to do with my motivation, since it already took me 3 weeks to get off my butt and actually go and sign up to the gym.

However, I believe that acknowledging the problem is the first step. Even though my “gym-rat” healthy eating vegan days aren’t really far behind, I still need some catching up to do.

I made myself a list of resolutions on how to be happier with my current lifestyle and habits. And I need to make some changes. Here are my basic tips for getting back at it.

  • H20 + Lemon

I used to be obsessed with water and drank more than 4L. Every. Single. Day. Now that my schedule is busier, I forget about it, I consider myself lucky and having a good day if I consume even 2L.

My tips:

Always carry a bottle with you, preferably BPA free. Try to order water instead of sugary drinks. Don’t do it because you have to, just try to make it one of your habits and trust me, you’ll start to feel much more dehydrated with it once you stop drinking all the time.

  • Working Out

Even though I miss my gym at home and miss my gym buddy (my dad), I don’t have a reason to give up. Of course I have a very busy schedule, but that doesn’t keep me from doing my best to work out. I go to yoga every Saturday and try to run as many times as I can during the week. Since there are many lovely parks not so far away from me, it’s not that hard.

If you’re not able to access a gym: Kayla Itsines BBG programme (which I will continue in a couple of weeks) or youtube pages like Blogilates can be very helpful.

My tips:

It can always feel hard to take the first step with anything. You don’t know what to expect, you feel like you have no time. But once you put your running shorts and walk out of the door, all of a sudden everything will seem so much easier and once you finish the first mile, you won’t want to stop.

Being hydrated and having a healthy snack at least an hour ago is very important.

  • Eating

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge a very upsetting fact: I don’t have a kitchen. If you’ve been reading or following me on Instagram (minaonthemoon) for a long time, you probably know that I love cooking.

Even though I miss making myself quinoa dishes and baking vegan muffins, I survive. The vegetarian food in my dining hall isn’t exactly based on giving us more protein, but on adding cheese on everything. I have my own vegan protein powder that I sprinkle on everything, and try to eat as fresh as possible while still avoiding junk food.

  • Snacking

I have no idea why, but I get so much more hungry nowadays. And then there’s emotional eating, snacking while watching something and the need for comfort foods. With all of those needs combined, I can’t survive without stocking up. Unfortunately, I can’t whip myself up some nana ice cream or bake banana bread, but I buy so much stuff from health stores like Holland & Barrett.

Another thing that I’m trying is the protein Graze box. Never enough protein for veggies. Use my promo code to try your first for free: MINAT943E

My tips:

Always carry an energy bar with you so that you don’t get tempted to buy unhealthy snacks. Have as much fruit as you can!

  • Happiness

Sometimes you won’t want to do any of these things. Sometimes you’ll want to get a huge bowl of Ben & Jerry’s and you’ll finish it by yourself. Sometimes you’ll drink too much. Sometimes you’ll have fries. Sometimes you’ll eat croissants. Two. Some days you won’t feel motivated to work out, and it’s okay. We all have our days. At the end of the day all that matters is that you’re happy and going to bed without anything bothering you.

Be positive,



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