Let’s Find Ourselves

We have stressful times in our lives, things we can’t or don’t want to handle or we just feel down without any actual problem. Yet some very simple beauties of the world, even those in front of our eyes, can make us feel better about life and help us find ourselves. I don’t know about you, but I am grateful. You can either join in this journey to discover yourself, or sit in the corner.

Either way, you’re a piece of art, a crucial piece of this world and you should never forget this.



Though I can’t explain this in a scientific way, art always makes me feel good about myself. It opens a new door towards an inexplicable universe, away from our teenage world full of technology and heartbreak. Despite being such a complex concept, it happens with just a couple brush strokes. It takes you back to a rainy street in 1877, or Gogh’s room with just a glance. Erasing your problems from your memory even if only for a moment. It fills the gaps inside your head with Monet’s impressionist garden views. Art takes you to a place far away without a single step. And honestly, a world where I can walk on the sidewalk on Caillebotte’s rainy street is better than any other option. Long live art. A gallery a week keeps therapists away.



Almost everyone uses this word. But what is it really?

“A desire to travel to understand one’s very existence.”

I define it as the inexplicable feeling you get while going through travel magazines, highlighting travel books. It’s the excitement running through your veins at 5 am while going to the airport. It’s being on a plane for hours and hours yet feeling more energised than ever once you see the foreign lands from your plane window. It’s hiking through unknown forests. It’s experiencing new ways of life. It’s knowing you’re miles and miles away from home, even if it’s only couple of hours away or the other side of the world. It’s hiking to the Acropolis under the sun. Wandering through the streets of Rome. Going through every single museum in New York or even finding a new cute cafe in London.

It’s finding a missing piece of your soul everywhere you go. Finding yourself in the new faces you see, new places you visit, new air you breathe and new views you blink your eyes to. What I wish to do is to complete myself, one piece at a time, one country at a time.


In case you haven’t noticed, I love taking pictures. With my Canon or my Diana (or just my phone), I love capturing moments and reliving them every single time I look at my wall. I have a new policy of printing my pictures so that I can actually see them, the moment, once again, by holding it in my hand. Film photography is the best surprise. Finding a film in your drawer and printing it is a wonder of the universe. Here are some pictures from a random film I found couple of months ago:





The best you can do is to keep looking. For that one passion, one place, one person, one song, one feeling.

With best wishes that we all find ourselves,

much love,



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