4 Things We MUST Leave Behind in 2015

As I was browsing Teen Vogue, I saw an article stating we’re leaving almost every beauty trend that was in this year… well, behind. There were, I must admit, some that I liked from that list. So here, I will attempt on replacing them with what I think should be “in” in 2016.

2016, my friends, will be the year of simplicity.

OUT: Crazy Contouring

Well… about time. To be honest, I do love contouring on special occasions but how far can you go? I can’t help but think, when I look in the mirror with different coloured lines all over my face, “what the f*ck.”. I feel like it’s about time we rediscover our own beauty, without covering it with many layers.

IN: Simplicity with a twist of blush

Having said that, I could always use a stroke of a peachy blush. And honestly, I think that’s all I wear these days, with a little BB cream.

Tip: Let your skin breathe, put down that heavy foundation! Treat it right with good food and it will clear itself as a thank you note.

OUT: Really long gel nails

As I mentioned in a post waaay back, I tried Kylie nails to see what all the fuss was about. Well, meh. They do make you feel Diva-like, as if you could conquer the world if you managed to get out of your sweatpants, but other than that they are very detrimental to your nail-beds and honestly, who wants that. Plus, you I know I can conquer the world without some plastic hanging from my hands.

IN: Nude, nude and more nude

I feel like nude nails feel way more sophisticated then long nails. Whether you prefer rose-nude or grey-nude, there is a nude for everyone.

OUT: Rainbow coloured hair

Yep. Been there, done that, burnt my hair with all the bleach. I must say, I did love having lavender-blue hair for a while, but as a person with very soft hair, I just couldn’t handle one part feeling like a ragged Barbie doll hair. So to get rid of it all, I chopped my hair to a nice, soft bob. And I mean, have you seen what Nicki has done?

IN: The Brunette

I know, the blonde is never actually “out”. Even my hair, with the double ombre I had done last year, was slightly blonde. I feel like everyone has blonde hair these days and going all brunette would stand out. So ladies, don’t get caught in the machine and be unique. Be “The Brunette” in this world of blondes and show them whose the queen.

OUT: Over-lining your lips

If you ever did this and you’re not Kylie Jenner, it’s about time you call the quits. No matter how small your lips are, you don’t need this! No one does!  Lips, like bodies, come in all shapes and sizes and are in perfect harmony with your face without you drawing over them with a MAC pencil. I tried this once, with Burgundy and Diva, and ended up looking like an absolute clown. An absolute clown with huge lips.

IN: Skin coloured/ brown lips

As a MAC Taupe fan for life, I’m already walking this path. Nude lips help you portray the rest of your face without stealing the show. Of course, sometimes you need the bold lips as a statement, but for a daily look a nude lipliner with or without lipstick would be the perfect cherry on top. My signature? Of course MAC Spice + Taupe.


What do you think should also be eliminated? Leave in the comments!





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