How To Go On An Adventure

Being adventurous isn’t about hiking up the Everest or getting “wanderlust” tattooed on your arm. It’s about always having a will to explore, even if it’s a different continent or just across the bridge.

Today, we took Karakoy; one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Istanbul. Though I can’t deny the fact that I kind of already miss Camden, it feels good to be home.

Here are the details from our fun day in Karakoy:



Karakoy wouldn’t be Karakoy without old men sitting on the corner of the picture. The best thing about these streets is that it is both historic and hipsteresque. I sincerely hope that this ambiance won’t be totally destructed when big companies realise that Karakoy is a money-making opportunity. (Yes, Hande Yener, I’m talking about you and your new Sebastian project in the middle of Karakoy 🙁 )


We also checked the Souq Winter Fair out. It was a nice collection of winter gift ideas with a christmassy scent. (and here we’re stalking our favourite blogger Nil Erturk)


Outfit of the Day


  • Coat: Mapa Boutique
  • Jumper: Topshop UK
  • Boots: Burberry
  • Bag: Fjallraven Kanken

The Company


Nope, not a Kanken ad. Though they are very, very comfortable and you can basically carry anything around in them. Definitely buying another color.

Today, I was accompanied by Deniz.

Street Art


I love street art.

My favourite place in London is Hoxton.

And I would graffiti the s*hit out of my house if my parents let me.



We bought these Dream Catchers today as a reminder of our adventure. May they bring luck!



Some artwork from Mixer Gallery, Karakoy.

Discovery of the day: JUNK

Junk is an amazing vintage collection store, run by a lovely lady who collects vintage items from all around the world. I wanted to take every single one of them back with me (maybe except for the baby heads).


Don’t forget to go on an adventure!

Much love,




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